Welcome to The Family Journeys!

Hi! Hey! Hola! I am so very excited to finally say “Welcome to The Family Journeys!”

When I first had this idea to create something for both photographers and families, I admit, I doubted most every aspect of it. Making it so that both sets of groups feel welcome, important, heard, understood, appreciated and valued is no easy feat. I realize there will be a learning curve to truly make this all of those things,but here we are! Finally launching something we have been working on and curating for a few months now! I feel like I am birthing a baby- except ya know, there’s no actual pain.

so, what’s it all about?

Anywho- Let me tell you a little about what The Family Journeys is about. The Family Journeys, or TFJ as you’ll see me abbreviate it as, was started after I switched from the wedding photography industry to being primarily a family photographer. There are several spaces online and in print where photographers and brides can go to submit their work and their articles on experiences shooting or planning a wedding. Having switched to family photography, I quickly realized there are not even as close to as many options in the family realm and I would try and fill that void.

In creating TFJ, I wanted BOTH a place where family photographers could go to submit their sessions and show off their amazing talent, but also somewhere that everyday families could go and gather information, resources, tips, and ideas for various family related activities as well. This meant really brainstorming how to make everything work and be able to meet those goals. With a launch date set to May 1st, I knew it was crunch time and off I went gathering content and curating posts!

Without going into tedious details, it really has been a fun experience for me. Reaching out and getting to know so many other amazing people through gathering sessions and articles has been the most rewarding thus far. In the spirit of Community over Competition, I am here to showcase all of these amazing talents that the Family Photography community has. While doing that, we will also be bringing you recipes from families that they have found easy and well loved by their own broods. I hope that this site brings something for everyone and in the process allows you to create more fantastic memories with your own families.

So, without further ado, Welcome. We are so thrilled you’re here. Browse the pages and check every single thing out and check back often as we will likely be consistently updating most of the pages weekly. Enjoy it all!

Thank you so very much for being here

“The Family is one of Nature’s masterpieces”

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