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Using Essential Oils for kids

Written by featured writer, Young Living Distributor, and friend of The Family Journeys, Meagan Lane

The only time I had ever touched an essential oil was during early pregnancy with my second baby. Peppermint for the blinding nausea and headaches.  I’m not sure if I would have made it without it. I kept seeing things everywhere like “NO DO NOT USE IF PREGNANT.” But there’s a lot of that on the internet and I didn’t ingest it. Anyhow, I didn’t know why it worked, but it did and I kept that little bottle of peppermint with me everywhere I went.  

After Austin was born I was diagnosed with Post- partum Anxiety… the “can’t leave the house or let anyone touch my baby” kind of anxiety. Enter essential oils! A friend Introduced me to Young Living and all of the plant based goodness that came with the products they have. Not only did I jump in using oils for myself and my anxiety, but I also started using them with my kids – yes, even the baby.

What are Essential Oils?

What exactly are essential oils? Essential oils are the most basic elements and food sources of a plant, distilled down to the oil-soluble chemicals in them. Basically, you have all the natural chemicals available to YOU that help a plant with infection control, humidity control, hormonal effects, etc. This was the medicine that people used before modern traditional pharmaceuticals!

The chemistry gets a little complex here, but I’ll let you do a little reading for yourself. I suggest picking up the Oil + Glass book which is a great resource for diving a little deeper as a beginner. You can find the book on Amazon HERE.

Versatility and Safety

The versatility of Essential oils lends them to being a great tool for wellness support, treating skin conditions, soothing muscles, calming babies…you get it. Everyone I encounter has a different story as to why they decided to use essential oils and I love every single one of them. It’s always amazing to me to hear about the things that essential oils can do.

Let me pause and discuss safety. Always research everything you use on a young child and dilute the oils appropriately for their age group. Also make sure you are using pure, therapeutic grade oils always! Be careful and mindful when wearing oils on yourself around babies. Oils are treated like medicine in my house. They are put up away from little hands and my oldest isn’t allowed to handle them unsupervised.

How to use Essential Oils

Parent tip: When starting with oils, use one at a time always diluted to avoid overloading their system. Slowly start to add in oils as they adjust.

That said, I have personally found that, when used consistently, Essential
Oils can be magical with my littles. Generally, they can be used in three ways:

  1. Aromatically (through a diffuser)
  2. Topically (In a roller bottle diluted or applied directly to skin)
  3. Ingested as a supplement (in capsules, in food/drink, or within other supplements).

With my kids, we diffuse oils in their bedrooms and in our main living space. Big Kid’s favorite is his sleepytime blend of Lavender and Cedarwood, or his special Sleepyize KidScents blend. Baby brother gets lavender and coconut oil on the bottom of his feet at night. We also use our oils for coughs, skin irritations, after-school bad attitudes, and Daddy’s loud snoring (no, really…look up Valor for apnea support). For those of you with young children, the book Gentle Babies by Debra Raybern is a great resource (get it on Amazon HERE).

Immune Support

I have been most impressed by the immune support of some of the oils we use. The Thieves blend offers anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties. My big kid gets Thieves blended with some other oils proactively on the bottom of his feet before school every morning. Along with diffusing and cleaning with Thieves, we have luckily been shielded from some of the worse germs to invade our schools this cold season. I should knock on wood, but Little Brother just turned 8 months old and we have been sickness free with him his whole time earthside so far!!

Using Essential Oils for kids
Other fun applications of essential oils we’ve tried:
  • Mix coconut oil and shea butter with 15-20  drops of the Gentle Baby blend for a creamy natural moisturizer for the littles.
  • Homemade play-do infused with your favorite Essential oils
  • Use Lemon to remove gum or sticky things or add to lavender during high pollen count days.
  • Calm a hyper child with a little Frankincense on the back of their neck.
  • Apply Copaiba neat onto gums of babies during teething (SUCH a lifesaver these days!)

I love hearing how oils have helped the families I’ve worked with! Essential oils aren’t a cure-all, but meant to provide an extra tool in the effort to keep our homes healthy. There are so many natural options you have on hand when using oils. Besides, we are the gatekeepers to our homes – why wouldn’t we stock up on the good stuff?

Please feel free to comment with questions!

Interested in learning more about oils, how to use them, or to purchase-Contact Meagan on Instagram or email here:

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